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Lodge de selva CUNA PIRU LODGE

The Club House:
Designed respecting the architecture of the area, reinterpreting the old tobacco drying sheds and located in the focal point of the property, it is the ideal environment to enjoy the meals of the day, a place to discover our mate, try tasty teas and blends elaborated in tea factories of the area, or simply relax in the spacious and bright glazed room overlooking Misiones hills.
Among other services, the Lodge offers: parking, room service, luggage deposit, buffet breakfast included, messaging, laundry and drying services and in-room massage. All the amenities of a jungle lodge.
The menu offered is based on the best of our local cuisine with a strong European immigrant influence and its fusion with the products of the region. It is prepared by regional chefs, who specialize in showing the fruits and flavors of the jungle, with products of the farms of the region.
You will be able to enjoy dishes prepared with yerba mate, home-made exotic-fruit marmalades and typical barbecues (asados) sprinkled with Argentinean wines.
A simple menu that reminds you of the flavors and scents of our land. (Kitchen hours: 8 am to 10.00 pm).
In our club house you will find a selection of books of the history of Misiones, of the diverse cultures of our land colonized by European and Asian immigrants, of our flora and fauna, of tales of the jungle, of Guarani epic feats, of images of the great waters of Iguazú and of the regional cuisine.
Right next to the stream that runs through the property, surrounded by trees.

You can enjoy a relaxing massage with natural products in the serenity of the deck, under the shadows of ancient trees.
In the shop you will find typical high-quality regional products, all of them made by Misiones Creativa brand, dedicated to craftwork and present in fairs and hotels of the country.

Lodge de selva

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Cuña Piru Lodge, Copyright 2009
Ruta Provincial Nro.220. km. 11. Salto Encantado, Misiones, Argentina
Tel: (54-3755) 470171 - Fax: (54-3755) 470171

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